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Image by Meiying Ng

Finding Freedom

Your Life and Financial Planner

The pocket financial advisor. This planner was created to help you find your financial freedom through detailed  financial education, tracking, goal setting and money mindset work.

Is the Finding Freedom planner for you?

  • Have you been nervous about your finances?

  • Dreaming up some BIG financial goals?

  • Struggling to pay off debt?

  • LOVE a good budget?

  • Looking to grow your money mindset?

  • Eager to start making changes with your finances?

Then yes yes yes yes - this planner was MADE for you! All you have to do is *Add to Cart* and start your 12 month financial journey. 

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Sometimes the hardest part about budgeting 

is figuring out what the best approach is for your family!


5 key areas to review in your budget that can

make a massive difference in your monthly spending


Breaking down the acronyms around investment accounts


Making the right plan to tackle your debt

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