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Financial Fortune Teller

Kristen Davey | Financial Educator

About Me

The Financial Fortuneteller is a platform to empower, educate and motivate women to feel confident and in control of their finances. It is time to change the narrative! Finance has the stereotype of being overwhelming, uncomfortable, and downright unbearable to a point where many people simply choose to ignore their financial health instead of embracing it.


Kristen Davey, founder of The Financial Fortuneteller is a certified Professional Financial Advisor who works with clients of all ages, incomes, and knowledge points to make finance FUN. Through a detailed 1:1 yearlong coaching journey, she helps discover your financial fortune. Diving deep into your financial goals, current spending and savings habits and putting in place a detailed action plan to meet your goals, with accountability and quarterly review systems. It is never too late or too early to find your financial fortune!

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Financial Goal Setting

Success rarely comes without a plan. Setting goals is your first step!

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Find your Fortune

Once your goals are detailed, actionable items can be identified to meet them.

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Cue the Confetti

Accomplishments must always be celebrated! With a years worth of quarterly follow-ups, accountability and growth, confetti is a must.



“Kristen has been a tremendously helpful, trustworthy resource while I navigated setting up my finanical future. Her prompt replies and vast knowledge base were especially helpful in the context of my moving to a new province. She is phenomenal and I highly recommend working with her!”

Dr. Katherine R.
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